Friday, 20 September 2013

Hand Made Journals

I have a bit of thing about books. Well actually it's a lot of a thing. I absolutely love them. I have shelves & bookcases full in my house and boxes of books in the garage because there's no room in the house. It drives my husband nuts. It's an addiction.

So I decided I wanted to make journals out of old books. Not MY books of course. But books from op shops that would be sent away to be recycled if I didn't use them. That's what I tell myself anyway.

The best courses on book binding on the interweb are - hands down subjective choice - the ones by Mary Ann Moss here. For a few different styles of book binding try Full Tilt Boogie. Remains of the Day is also awesome but only shares one (fantastic) binding method.

I take old books apart and rebind them in old book covers. Like this.

For variety I mix in scrapbooking paper & artist quality paper too. There is something lovely about making my own books. And then I use them for art journalling.

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