Friday, 5 July 2013

Classic Shading Practice & a Profile

It's school holidays here and my art has to take a back seat. I managed a couple of pieces early on in the week but have been out and about visiting the aquarium/beach/parks nearby. Plenty of inspiration for future works though.

Shading practice continues... this is a classic exercise to help understand how to shade different forms. As you can see I am very afraid of the darks. I am told this is a common problem (but that doesn't help me overcome it!). Practice is key.

And here's a profile. Her nose and the back of her hair are my favourite bits. I have a bit of pink a thing going on at the moment. Add in some collaged paper & some gesso and I'm a happy painter.

Do you have a 'thing' at the moment? Where is it taking you?


  1. Your girl is lovely - I can see the Jane Davenport influence in her eyes - the green hair is gorgeous!!

  2. Oh "Kooky Makes" this woman is stunning! I LOVE the layers and dimensions. Wow, to see your sketches the other day and comment on them and now to see your study of the shapes and get the treat of your woman...what a blessing!!! The back of the top/dress is stellar and I am in awe of the hair color and the way it moves in its depth because of your layers and the gesso etc. Just a fantastic piece of art. Thanks for sharing today's piece too!!! HeArtfully Yours, Samara

  3. Wow wow wow, what a beautiful blog full of stunning artwork my lovely, lol sign me up!! I now have you on my side-bar so I don't miss out ha ha. I love drawing too, but am at the 2D stage still with a little shading when I'm feeling brave, I really must try to find some time to do LOTS more. Thank-you so much for your sweet visit, much appreciated. Your lady is stunning by the way, you have truly captured a 'wondering' and contemplative expression, fab work.
    Huge hugs x

  4. beautiful shading..I should be practicing mine :) Love your faces too..esp on that teapot below!