Thursday, 13 June 2013

Sketching Practice

After all the drawing & painting from my imagination fun and seeing how much I improved during the 8 weeks of Mermaid's Circus I've decided to work on my sketching from real life skills next. I've joined Juliana Coles's Extreme Journalism ning network and am working my way through her Field Notes course. It's all about sketching in the field then working with those 'notes' and I am really enjoying both the content and, in particular, Juliana's feedback. She is to the point and sees beyond your work with an artist's eye. And she makes you redo things if she thinks you can do better. Gotta love being pushed a bit more!

Here are some pieces I've done so far. The first one (a sketch from the other side of my street) I did 3 times before I pushed the values far enough (I have real trouble with value) to be 'allowed' to go on.

The second one was my response to the question 'What is the essential secret of the day.' I really like it, especially because I would never have attempted to draw a geranium before this course. 

And this last one is a sketch of the beach near me with a colour & a little collage added back at home. There are parts of it that give me hope I will be able to draw/sketch better in the future.

Do you like sketching from real life? Or your imagination? I think they're both important skills to be able to create pieces that make your soul sing. What about you?


  1. Love your sketched pages. The sea page is my favorite. I want to be sitting there listening to the waves and smelling the salt air.

  2. I like be able to create pieces that make your soul sing! But I doubt if it's because of any technical skills on my part. I think it's more connecting with the One who gave me the gift in the first place! Good job with all your pages! Can't pick a favorite! They are all special in different ways! patsy

  3. Terrific pages. My fave is the geranium and the little envelope on it.

  4. Beautiful pages! I love the geranium page with the wonderful thoughts.