Friday, 24 May 2013

A Little Bit of Fun

...mermaid related of course.
I'm really enjoying text as texture at the moment. Just starting writing on a page and filling up all the available space with my stream of consciousness thoughts. I make some close together loose lines with a pencil then use those lines to guide me. Writing really small, printing rather than cursive, I make all the letters the same size as the space between the lines. I like the effect.

What do you write in your art journal?


  1. I LOVE this so much. I think the doggies are hysterical! I showed my 15 year old! I love the writing as well and how you describe what you are doing. Very Very nice! Lovies, Samara

  2. This is so darn cute! Merry mayhem indeed. xox

  3. I love your mercats (or are they merdogs?)! Your colours are gorgeous and I love the lettering!
    Daire x

  4. Oh WOW MerFurs! I adore them! XxxLaurie