Friday, 1 March 2013

Trust - Art Journal Every Day

I've done a heap of art journaling this week and feel very lucky for that opportunity.

I've made a background I liked so much I didn't add anything to it.

I filled a page with stickers & made them into a pink quick sketch gallery.

I did a collage/paint/stamps/quote page in greens & yellows about gardening.

I painted a self portrait on a watercolour doodle background that even looks a little like me!

And I did a little self-healing using the wonderful Tam at willowing's free course.

But... I wonder if you notice any trend here? The only one I see is a kind of desperation. And searching. See, I'm searching for the answer to a question I don't even know and I'm waiting... waiting desperately for my style to arrive and for me to discover my own voice.

I get to make nice stuff on the way though.

Are you searching? Waiting? Wanting answers? Or have you already found them? And your style? I'd love to read your thoughts.


  1. I love each and every piece of art that you have made. Sometimes, though I claim to be no expert, they say, the journey is worth more than the destination. And, I feel you are really enjoying every bit of it! :-)

    1. Thanks Zafaran, I am enjoying it and you are so right about it being a journey. I appreciate the reminder.

  2. Looks like you've been busy! Love the red with circles.
    I don't see desperation but exploration :)
    As for style, I believe it emerges as we play. Sometimes I do a page in the style of someone else just to see what it is that makes something 'my' style. The more stuff you do the stronger your voice will become. Have fun with it.

    1. So true Tracy. Thanks for your kind words of wisdom. :-)

  3. I really like our background i wouldnt change it :)

    1. Thank you hope. I plan not to. :-)