Monday, 11 March 2013

Ready (Collage) - Art Journal Every Day

Here's my finished piece from Kelly Kilmer's 10 mins a day challenge. I enjoyed the collage experience & following along with Kelly as I really like her feminine style.

I like what I created here and realised that, despite being collage, it's very similar to my art/painting/drawing style. I think I'll be doing more.

Another thing that happened while I was creating this page was, like all my work, it went through what I call 'the ugly phase'. Even with all these cut out bits (rather than my own paint/drawing) it still had a point in time where I didn't like it at all. I find this very interesting and it's something I need to nut out in my own head before I blog about it in the future.

Have you done anything with different mediums recently? How did it go & what did you learn?

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