Friday, 22 February 2013

Be Kind To The Wishers - Art Journal Every Day

This journal page went through a lot of stages & most of them looked nothing like this. You can check my Instagram feed at kookymakes if you want to see how it looked as I went along.

I used gesso, stamps, book paper & acrylic paint for the background. The ocotopus is acrylic ink. The mermaid is prismacolor pencils on gesso & her hair is distress stains.

I have been practicing faces and my writing. But now I see I need to practice hands! There is always something... thank goodness. I also wish I hadn't outlined the octopus. He looks cartoony next to the subtlety of the mermaid.

I found the quote on pinterest & haven't been able to find a source. It's the beginning of a much longer one that resonates very deeply with me. Kindness (along with gratitude) is probably the driving value in my life.

Be kind to the wishers who haven't got wishes,
Be kind to the fishers who haven't got fishes.

What are your driving values? Do you use them in your art journal? And if so, how?

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Week 6 2013 Project Life

Last week I used double sided paper for my background. What a happy day it was when I realised the reverse side worked brilliantly for this week. So much less to do!

I use the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone to take a lot of my photos because I really like the square format. It works pretty well on Project Life (imho) as it gives me room to journal a little without scrawling on the photos. Not that I mind doing that from time to time...

I've been practicing my handwriting. More on that in another post.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Come and join the fun.. - Art Journal Every Day

Here's a piece I put together in my hand made journal for Jane Davenport's Frolicaholic course.

The left hand butterflies page is pan pastels (sealed), dylusions inks through a stencil (but they bled so...), Sharpie outline & Aquamarkers to detail the butterflies. The words are on gesso'd book pages.

The right hand page is acrylics for the background & the girl and lots of stencils (acrylic paint) & stamps (archival ink). I wrote using some Bic Mark-It pens. They come in a range of colours and are cheap as and easy to find, and use. The journaling is on gesso'd book page again.

Having fun, bringing joy, that's why I journal. And to learn of course.  Why do you do it?

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Week 5 2013 Project Life (The Process Post!)

As promised, here's how I put together my Project Life each week. I use a mixture of digital & the real stuff on my layouts but lately they've been very real stuff heavy so that's what my process reflects.

  1. Sketch the layout of the pockets you're going to use on a piece of paper. I find this really useful when looking through photos & thinking about stories. Sketching it cements the design in my brain so I can see the end result I'm trying to create right from the beginning. This layout has 8 pockets which are broken into 4 large vertical & 4 small horizontal.
  2. Go through my diary for the week to remind myself of stories/things that happened. I use an app on my iPhone. There are heaps around but my favourite is Day One. And their support is excellent. I did something stupid this week & they fixed it and were nice about it and had a bit of a laugh.
  3. Go through all my photos for the week on my PC/iPhone etc. to remind myself of things that happened.
  4. At this point the things I want to use are starting to come together. I still haven't decided where things will go or what exactly I'm going to say, but I have a rough idea.
  5. I open all the photos from the week in Photoshop.
  6. With the layout sketch in front of me, and making notes about positioning/content on it as I go, I decide which photos to use where on the layout. This is the longest part of the process but generally takes no more than 30 mins.
  7. Once I've decided what photos I'm using I choose a background. If you are using the kits this bit is super easy. I am using up my 12x12 paper stash at the minute. It makes it pretty easy too.
  8. I resize/crop/adjust the photos in Photoshop & then print them out on my inkjet printer at 300dpi. My printer is a cheap as chips Dell multifunction but it does the job great for me. At the minute I get all my photos for a week onto one piece of A4. Sometimes it takes two.
  9. Next I cut all the photos, cut the background (if I'm using one) to fit the pockets, and stick the photos in place.
  10. I date all my pockets, usually I add the day as well & the month has to go on something somewhere for each week.
  11. Last thing is journalling. I pretty much do it all by hand. If I have any digital journalling I add at step 8.
  12. Then cards in pockets and the week is complete.
All up it takes me around an hour to an hour & a half each Sunday. So worth it.

Do you do anything differently? Which bit takes you longest?

Friday, 8 February 2013

Surprised - Art Journal Every Day

I've just finished Jane Davenport's Supplies Me course, and this was my last piece of homework. I'm so amazed by how far I've come in this course and I'm also a little sad that it's over. It's had that big an impact on me...

I've learnt lots of things on the course, the most important one to me is that practice and a little direction gives you confidence which makes you practice more and so you grow.

This piece is distress stains, watercolour & prismacolor pencils for the girl and clear gesso, stencils & dylusions sprays for the background.

So now I've got a whole journal left to fill with things from my imagination.

Have you done an online art course that changed the way you see your art? Which one and how did it change you?

Monday, 4 February 2013

Week 4 2013 Project Life

I keep forgetting to post this! Here's the photo... I promise I'll do my process with week 5.

Check me out on the 23rd. I passed my driving test first time! Look out Sydney road users. ;-)

Friday, 1 February 2013

Showgirl - Art Journal Every Day

Oh what fun I've been having in my journal recently. I've just about completed Jane Davenport's Supplies Me course and it has really helped me grow into my art, my art journal and as a person. As grow is my 'one little word' for 2013 this is pretty cool.

In particular it's given me heaps of confidence to paint from my imagination. I used to struggle with what to say in my journal but now I realise I just didn't think of things because I thought I couldn't translate them to paper. Does that make sense? I hope so!

Just so you can see how far I've come in the last 4 months here's a before & after shot. Can you see the difference? :-)
First face in my art journal (Oct 2012)
Latest art journal entry (Jan 2013)
In my latest piece I created the background by using clear gesso through a stencil then, when it was dry, I sprayed with a couple of colours of Glimmermist. I really like the effect it's produced, lots of depth without taking away from the painting.

What a wonderful journey we artists (I still gulp when I use that term...but I am determined!) are on. Are you enjoying the adventure? How far do you feel you have come?