Monday, 28 January 2013

She Was a Showgirl

I am currently practicing turned faces. Here are some pictures so you can see my journey over the last week. 

I draw/paint every day. I'm finding it makes a huge difference when I'm learning new skills like this.  I take my sketchbook with me in my bag & draw for 5 minutes, 10 minutes whenever I can.

These are my first attempts, all with Prismacolor pencils. Check out number 2, I mean where is that eye going?! But watch me getting better as I draw more. Number 3 looks like the living dead (because she doesn't have that glint in her eye) but at least her eyes are on the same plane. And number 4 is starting to come together. I am struggling with noses though...

Then I had a couple of night's sleep & a day when I went back to drawing straight on faces & so 2 days after the sketches above I came up with this. Which looks quite different from them.  And the nose looks better (although I struggled still & nearly tore the paper putting down so many layers). This piece is in my cheap papered art journal & is Prismacolor pencils and Ranger Distress Stains. The background is left overs from other stencils & paints and it's all done on Golden matte medium.

So today I decided I wanted to do a more complicated pose. What about if she was looking back over her shoulder? And I come up with this.

This is in my glorious new Strathmore 500 series journal. Her face & body is acrylic paint (Ranger's Dabbers) with Prismacolor pencils, hair in Ranger's Distress Stains Aged Mahogany & background is Liquitex clear gesso over a Crafter's Workshop harlequin stencil, dried and then sprayed with Tattered Angel's Glimmermist.

I had a heap of problems with the jawline & the hairline but I just kept working through it and it all came together in the end. And her nose is looking pretty good too.

Practice is the key it would seem, and the passage of time.


  1. oh, well done! your painting turned out beautifully...

    1. Thanks Dianne, I thought these pictures would be an inspiration to anyone who thinks they can't art. :-)