Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Week 13 (49) Project Life

The lovely Cathy Zielske (so real, honest & down to earth - I really admire her) posted a video about her Project Life Best Practices and they rang so true with me.  It's all about having the supplies ready, making a specific time and keeping notes (she explains it all much better than I can) and that's exactly what I'm finding.

Cathy also recommends an app called Day One and I think it's pretty cool too. I've also used Momento which takes feeds from heaps of other sites like facebook, twitter, flickr, instagram etc. so you can see all your updates in one place. So far Day One comes tops for me as it reminds you to write stuff down & I'm no longer a big facebook/twitter etc. user (used up FAR TOO MUCH TIME!).

So here's this week's layout. I like the squares, they work well for me and my Hipstamatic addiction. I used some Basic Grey (Kissing Booth) numbers on all the photos and I like the way it's pulled all the different shots together. Nothing dramatic, just a bit of continuity.

Christmas is coming. Gotta love that tree!

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