Saturday, 22 December 2012

Those Who Don't Believe - Art Journal Every Day

I used to be a one journal for everything gal but I have to admit I am currently working in 3 and Father Christmas has brought me at least one more and I've been watching heaps of Jenniebellie how to make journals out of junk videos so that number is set to increase. 

At this moment I have a diary-like journal (entry every day, lots of writing about my day to day life on painterly backgrounds), a quotes & drawings/paintings journal (inspiring words with pictures) and a faces journal (faces alone or with inspiring words). This entry is from the faces journal.

The universe is putting lots of things about the magic of life in my way at the moment. I'm pretty happy about that.

I used my beautiful PanPastels for the background. They are so lovely to use and I love the effect on the page...magical. :-) I had to spray fixative before I wrote the quote but that worked well anyway. I really like the blending and the way the colours on the page move from orange through to purple.

Do you use pastels in your art journal? Which ones & why and do you fix them?

Wishing you and your loved ones love and light, and all that's bright during this festive season. I hope 2013 brings you joy in many ways.

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  1. I love using pastels.I love the shading and the fact you don’t have to wait for the paint to dry... oh, and using my fingers to blend.
    I use hairspray or a fixative.
    I actually prefer the hairspray, the fixative I used seemed to turn yellowish.
    For art journaling I use my cheap pastels, for portraits the good stuff.(Conte, Rembrandt)