Friday, 14 December 2012

Merry & Bright - Art Journal Every Day

This page started it's life as a way to clean a stencil. That's the coloured chevrons in the background. I then continued working through 30 days in your journal, just adding words and art for 10 minutes every day.

We put up our tree on the 8th so the Christmas stamps had to go in and I also added strips of my new Golden Fluid paints with their names along the side as a reference.

I can see I'm getting more coherent in my page design (big thanks to the course of course) and I am enjoying using my art journal as a place for my own words as well as for playing with my supplies. This style works better than the 'illustrate a quote one' for me. I won't win any 'that's a beautiful page' prizes but I am documenting my artful journey in an artful and pleasing (to me) way. After all, that's the whole point eh?

I like my use of my new supplies and the funky doodle swirl border (two things - shock!)

I don't like that orange smear at the top left. It's a spill too far.

Which style of art journaling do you use/prefer and why?


  1. Oh I love your page! That stencil is so great! I love chevrons. I personally like the orange "spill" at the top of the page, I think it balances out the trees in the opposite corner. I'm very interested in taking that class and would love to know what you think about it so far!

    1. I see your point about the spill balancing the trees. That's probably why I stamped them there without even realising!

      Regarding the class, I think it is worth doing and worth the cost. I haven't learnt any new techniques specifically but it has made me take things slower (which is better in my case), look at my pages as more cohesive units (which means they look better to me and everyone else), and realise I like the journaling aspect to be as big a part as the art. It is also great to spend 30 days with such an inspiring and down to earth lady. Overall I feel I have grown as an artist and that has to be a good thing.

      Thanks for your comment and your thoughtful question.

  2. I love your vibrant colours! The Christmas stamps and your new paints look great. I think the page is beautiful. It's great how some everyday writing and doodling can turn into something so pretty.

    1. So true about the doodling & writing Ellie, thanks for your lovely words.